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Podcast Review: Getting Curious with Jonathan Van Ness

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This is the first installment in what will be an ongoing series entitled “What I’m Listening To”. For context, I am in the car driving for about 3 hours every weekday. This unfortunate circumstance results in many podcasts and audiobooks being consumed, mainly to keep my sanity in check. This is my first podcast review! I have a regular rotation of favorites, which I hope you will also enjoy. podcast review getting curious #bullymamalife
Podcast Review

Current Obsession

One of my current obsessions is the Queer Eye reboot on Netflix. Seriously, if you haven’t watched it, go find it (after you finish this post, of course)! It’s heartwarming, entertaining, and just all around amazing. The grooming guru from Queer Eye has a podcast that he’s been doing for a few years now called Getting Curious with Jonathan Van Ness. The basic premise is that there’s a topic he wants to know more about, so he finds a local expert to explain it to him (and the listeners) in an easily digestible way. There are all kinds of different subjects, from human rights to skin care to recycling to cultural issues.

He always claims it will be a 30 minute podcast, but quite a few episodes are longer. For certain subjects, I would literally listen to HOURS worth of JVN talking to people! I just say, OBSESSED? podcast review getting curious #bullymamalife
A recent favorite episode

The best podcast?

Is this the “best” podcast? Well, that’s a big claim. It is definitely one of my top 3 podcasts. I look forward to Wednesday mornings when I can download a new episode.

What I can tell you is that Jonathan Van Ness is a big personality. Sure, he’s fabulous and over the top, but he’s also very smart, well-read, and shrewd. I love learning about all kinds of different subjects in general, but my favorite parts might be the “squirrel” moments when his ADD kicks in and he follows a thought. I honestly wish I could be best friends with him and just follow him around all the time.


In short, if you’re looking for a podcast that is well worth the 30-60 minutes spent consuming it, look no further. You can find the episode list here:

Seriously, just subscribe to this podcast. You can thank me later.

Continuing the conversation…

This was podcast review number 1. I have plenty more to review, so stay tuned!

What’s your favorite sanity saver? Come find us here if you’d like to share!

I'm a 30-something geek/nerd just trying to make it in life. My current obsessions are the Queer Eye reboot, Doctor Who, Outlander, and American Gods to name a few. I also love hearts, stars, elephants, sushi, makeup, and self care. I’m a big believer in human rights and I’m a pitbull advocate as well. I love to read, and you will often find me in a nook with a good book, or watching a Disney movie (preferably from the late 80s/early 90s). When the local renaissance faire rolls around, you can find me there visiting my guy and our friends. I live with my boyfriend of 6 years, our cat Pippin (a 10 year old pure-bred Blue Point Ragdoll) and our rescued pitbull mix (American Staffordshire Terrier/Boxer) Celia Mae. I entered the realm of direct sales with Jamberry, and was a consultant for almost 2 years before finding Java Momma and Younique. I firmly believe in supporting other DS sisters. My favorites are Paisley Raye, LipSense, Younique, Origami Owl, and Perfectly Posh. Life is crazy, hectic, sometimes overwhelming, but so rewarding!!

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